Wildlife Garden Starter Pack - 8 Plant Collection

Wildlife Garden Starter Pack - 8 Plant Collection
  • Perfect plants to help start your wildlife friendly garden
  • A colourful, nectar-rich selection beneficial to birds, bees and butterflies
  • Garden-ready easy care varieties, simply plant and enjoy!

Singing birds, fluttering butterflies, and busy bees, what's more beautiful than a garden where wildlife feels at home?  Help ensure the long term survival of these wonderful species by making space for our 'Plants with Purpose' range.  Our experts have handpicked this range of nectar-rich plants which attract, nurture and help sustain birds, bees and butterflies. 

From our Dutch growing fields, delivered directly to your door, this pack will give you garden ready easy-care plants for borders, baskets and containers.  Simply plant and watch our wonderful wildlife thrive!

This Garden Wildlife Selection Pack contains:

1 x Red Scabious (9cm Pot)

1 x Black-Eyed Susan (9cm Pot)

1 x Purple Coneflower (9cm Pot)

1 x Lavender Hidcote (9cm Pot)

1 x Purple Top (9cm Pot)

1 x Garden Catmint (9cm Pot)

1 x East Friesland (9cm Pot)

1 x Alchemilla Mollis - Lady's Mantle (9cm Pot)

Plant Colour
Pot Sizes
Suitable Wildlife
Bee, Butterfly

Your Bundle Contains:

  • Red Scabious 1 of Red Scabious
  • Black-Eyed Susan 1 of Black-Eyed Susan
  • Purple Coneflower 9cm pot 1 of Purple Coneflower 9cm pot
  • Lavender Hidcote 1 of Lavender Hidcote
  • Purple Top - 9cm pot 1 of Purple Top - 9cm pot
  • Garden Catmint 9cm pot 1 of Garden Catmint 9cm pot
  • East Friesland - 9cm pot 1 of East Friesland - 9cm pot
  • Alchemilla Mollis - Lady's Mantle 1 of Alchemilla Mollis - Lady's Mantle

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