Mould, sculpt and create with our Bird Cake Mix!

Cupcakes for Birds

Our bird cake mix is not only highly-nutritious and filling for our feathered friends, it is also a fun and creative activity for all to get involved in! - The perfect half-term activity to keep your little ones busy while providing for nature.

They are bound to love getting stuck in with some messy, cake fun.

Its as easy as making a cake – literally!

  1. Simply melt down 30g of beef or lamb fat in a saucepan. (or for a vegan choice coconut oil can be used!)
  2. Add the cake mix to absorb most of the fat.
  3. Pour the mix into cupcake cases or a mould of your choice (if too much fat appears on top add more mix)

TOP TIP! Add a piece of string or ribbon into the cupcake case before filling for quick and easy hanging.

  1. Allow the mixture to cool a little bit before adding your toppings! Then get busy throwing all the treats and sweets on – get creative!
  2. Allow the mixture to cool fully in the fridge
  3. Remove from the mould and hang or display it outside and watch the birds flock for their treat.

With a wide choice of toppings to choose from; dried fruits, berries, sunflower seeds or even wiggly mealworms! The kids are bound to love getting stuck in and making yummy treats! (Note: if wishing to add peanuts to your cupcake, please crush before adding as whole peanuts are a choking hazard to smaller garden birds).