Ireland's Biggest Bird Feeders

Ireland's Biggest Bird Feeders
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Conqueror 8 Port Bird Seed Feeder Conqueror 8 Port Bird Seed Feeder
€29.97 €49.95
Conqueror 10 port Seed Feeder Conqueror 10 port Seed Feeder
€51.96 €64.95
Conqueror 12 port Seed Feeder Conqueror 12 port Seed Feeder
€55.96 €69.95
  • Ireland's biggest bird feeder - now that's a claim to garden fame.
  • Fill with our Hi-Energy No Mess Bird Seed for a garden full of birds!
  • As seen on our LIVE feeding webcam.
Planning that next holiday? These extra large feeders will keep your birds happy whilst you are away!

Our high-capacity Conqueror™ Feeders are ideal for gardens with large bird populations or if you're going away on holiday and don't want your feeders to empty.

Available in three grand sizes, with the smallest able to hold twice as much as the largest Plastic or Metal Feeder. Made from die-cast powder-coated zinc and strong polycarbonate tubing, our extra large seed feeders offer long life and excellent resistance to squirrel damage.

Due to the weights involved, we recommend mounting these feeders on a Garden Pole or hanging from a strong branch using a hanging chain.

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