Feeder Pole System - Green

Feeder Pole System - Green
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With this stylish metal feeding system, you can offer different food types and feeders at the same time. This allows you to easily attract different bird species to your garden. After all, a large diversity of foods and feeding systems means increased chances of different bird species visiting your garden.

This feeding system consists of 4 arms with 2 hooks at the end of each arm to hang different types of feeders. Lower on the pole you can attach an extra hook to offer smaller treats as well as another two dishes. One dish is suitable for offering a feed mix or mealworms and the other dish is for water.

The pole system consists of 3 parts which can be easily assembled. The pole can then be inserted into the ground. Many of Vivara feeding products are suitable for this pole system including hanging feeders. 

205cm (full length). 185cm if fully into  the ground.

Please note that not all pole accessories are compatible with this pole system.