SingingFriend Feeders

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  1. SingingFriend Evie Peanut Butter Bird Feeder

    from €9.95

  2. SingingFriend Feeder Lisa (Grey)
  3. SingingFriend Feeder Lisa (dusty beige)
  4. SingingFriend Window Feeder Anna - 100% Recycled
    €5.95 As low as €5.45
  5. Fat Square Feeder Anna - 100% Recycled
    €5.95 As low as €5.45
  6. SingingFriend Max Peanut Feeder (Green)
    €7.46 €9.95
    • 35 years experience in biodiversity
    • Supporting nature partners across Ireland and Europe
    • Ireland's Leading Wildlife Care Specialists
  7. SingingFriend Max Peanut Feeder (Beige)
  8. SingingFriend FeedR Bird Seed Feeder

    from €15.95

The SingingFriend range of bird feeders are a unique, colourful and modern way to offer a variety of foods to your garden birds. This range offers a variety of colours and styles, all of which can make a unique and thoughtful gift for friends and family of all ages.