Living Twig Stick Insect Kit

Living Twig Stick Insect Kit
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Is it a twig or is it an insect? Watch Indian Stick Insects grow and move with this special live growing set.

When you order the Living Twig Stick Insect Kit you will receive a net hatching habitat, instruction guide, brush and a voucher which you need to send off to Insect Lore to claim your Indian Stick Insect eggs (p&p not included). Live Stick Insect eggs are not included in the kit, but are available all year round, weather permitting.

Once you have redeemed the voucher, the 8-10 tiny eggs will arrive by post and look a little like seeds. Upon hatching the stick insects can be fed on blackberries, bramble, ivy or privet leaves. They will shed several times as they grow into adults and can reach up to 6-10 cm in length. Watch them look like and pretend to be sticks and also swing back and forth as if leaves in the wind.

Vouchers for additional Indian Stick Insect eggs are also available separately so the net habitat can be used over and over again.

Suitable for children from 4 years.