Peanut Butter Taster Pack

Peanut Butter Taster Pack
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  • Naturally high in calories for optimum energy
  • Nutritionally balanced recipe with no added salt
  • Five flavours to sample in your garden; Original, with Mealworms, with Nuts, Hi-Energy and with Insects
This taster pack is the perfect food for the Dublin Peanut Butter Feeder. 

If you haven't tried peanut butter for birds yet, or want to try some different flavours in your garden, this taster pack is ideal. Contains 1 of each of the 5 flavours of our Peanut Butter for Birds - Original, with Mealworms, with Nuts, Hi-Energy and with Insects.

Peanuts are naturally high in calories and when blended into butter, make a tasty high energy treat. We haven't added any salt into our recipe, ensuring that this blend is nutritionally balanced and safe* for your garden birds.

Calorie content 660 - 735.

Note: Peanut butter intended for human consumption contains up to 100 times more salt than our specialist blend and should not be fed to garden birds or wildlife.

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