Suet Heart 500 g

Suet Heart 500 g
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  • 35 years experience in biodiversity
  • Ireland's Leading Wildlife Care Specialists
  • Supporting Wildlife Partners across Ireland and Europe

Our Suet Heart is perfect for everyone who loves wildlife! This nutritious, high-energy food is guaranteed to be a hit with your garden birds. Made with tallow and peanut flour at our farm in Shropshire, this delightful Suet Heart will help give birds the strength they need during the colder months and in preparation for the busy breeding season.

Calories (per 100g)
Tallow and peanut flour
Analytic ingredients
Crude Protein 15.6%, Crude Oil and Fats 70%, Crude Fibre 1% and Crude Ash 0.1%
No Mess
Pack Size
Pet Warning

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