Coneflower 'Echinacea Purple Magnus' (4 x 11cm pots)

Coneflower 'Echinacea Purple Magnus' (4 x 11cm pots)
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The 'Magnus' has a special intense pink color. It flowers exuberantly all summer and combines well with other flowering perennials and ornamental grasses. With its flowers it is a food source for butterflies and insects. Also good to use as a cut flower.

We supply this plant in an 11 cm pot. The big advantage of an 11 cm pot is that you have a beautiful fully grown plant within a year, while with 9 cm pots it often takes 2 years.

In addition, these plants are "On the way to PlanetProof". The pots are made from recycled plastic, the trays in which we store the plants are recycled and the plants are grown in a responsible and green way. 

Scientific Name
Echinacea purple. 'magnus'
Plant Colour
Growing Conditions
Grows to
80 cm
Pot Sizes
Planting Months
Jul, Aug, Sep
Suitable Wildlife
Bee, Butterfly
Pack Size

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  • Coneflower 'Echinacea Purple Magnus' (11cm pot) 4 of Coneflower 'Echinacea Purple Magnus' (11cm pot)