Wellness With Wildlife


When routines are ever-changing and you find yourself distant from loved ones, take some reassurance from the calming influence that nature can provide. There is always something to engage your senses and research suggests that a simple connection with nature on a very basic level, such as observing and caring for garden birds, has shown to have a positive impact on our mental wellbeing.

Having a garden or outdoor space that attracts wildlife means you will be able to share your time with friends you didn’t know were there. With a whole world of nature at your fingertips, whether it be in the garden or on the balcony, through the window and even using technology, here are some inspirational ways to make the most of your natural surroundings.

Incorporate mindfulness to your day. Take time out to really feel the outdoors, watching the birds, breathing outdoors and even reading about them. Make it a daily pleasure to go outside with your cup of tea. Nature has its own calming rhythm and there is lots to engage our senses. Your garden wildlife is busy going about its business as usual, but this year you can be somewhat closer to the action! Birds can do wonders for our hearts and minds – if we simply pay them attention.


Birdsong is in full swing so why not have some fun with learning how to identify them. No doubt the robins, blackbirds, sparrows and tits are all jiggling for top spot in the competition – there is nothing more relaxing than birdsong. The sound of nature’s songsters’ gains momentum around the International Dawn Chorus in early May so take a moment to listen and appreciate their songs in full. Or just have an id chart to hand and check off your visitors.

If you have a bird feeder or two in the garden, you are more likely to attract birds who will then frequent your patch more often in the future. Ensure they are topped up for rush hours at the start and end of the day. You’ll soon find that the activity of topping up feeders with nutritious food sources brings structure to your day and will definitely brighten theirs!

During breeding season, follow the birds around your garden to see if they are showing signs of a nest nearby. It is fascinating to watch them to-ing and fro-ing with nesting material, later to be endless food trips for their new chicks.

For an inside view of this special time of year, visit our online 24/7 webcams where you can take the very best front row seat and watch the nesting and rearing routines of some fantastic species - owls, peregrines, kestrels, storks, spoonbills, garden birds and more. The cameras are equipped with night vision to not miss anything. There is always something to see and we will also upload highlight videos to share the best moments with you. Each year, webcams are particularly appreciated by families, parents and teachers. Children are captivated by the cameras which are both a fun and educational resource for home learning.

Wildlife watching also gives you opportunities to interact with other like-minded people and this needn’t be at a physical bird club, although these are wonderful outdoor experiences if you get the opportunity. Online and social media platforms are great places to discover a new interest in nature, share your photos and make new friends.


As the warmer weather bathes our gardens in sunshine, look at how you can make it more wildlife friendly. There are endless varieties of plants available to attract pollinating and beneficial insects, from traditional buddleia perfect for butterflies, berry-rich shrubs for all seasons, to perennials and wildflowers for solitary bees. You can spend as much time as you wish in the fresh air as any addition will make a big difference to wildlife and help you in being nature’s pest controllers. Adding a water source where possible is a good idea, as all wildlife – birds, insects, amphibians and mammals coming out of hibernation – need clean, fresh water.

With potentially more time being spent in the garden, why not try your hand at something new and dedicate an area for growing your own vegetables, salad or herbs from seed. With an extensive range of Buzzy® Organic Seeds to choose from there is something for even the novice to enjoy. Much easier to obtain healthy produce and you get all the reward for your effort.

And remember you do not need to have a garden. Balconies and patios can be just as delightful with dwarf planting in pots, hanging baskets and even wall or window mounted bird feeder. The results will be very rewarding.

We have developed an outstanding range of food, bird feeders, nest boxes, wildlife products, plants and gifts which allow people to share the joy of caring for wildlife. See our other hints and tips pages for helpful advice on getting started with nature.