Top 10 Bird Foods

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  1. Dried Mealworms
    • Dried Mealworms are welcomed by a variety of species in your garden and contain all the protein without the wriggle.
    • Do your bit to help by providing a reliable source of protein-rich food such as dried mealworms.
    • One species that will be really appreciative is the Robin.

    from €3.95

  2. Half filled Coconut with Mealworms and Insects
    €2.75 As low as €2.45
  3. Box of 50 Ultimate Fat Balls
    • Quality ingredients such as black sunflower seeds, chopped peanuts, cereals, seeds and oils.
    • Supplied without nets making them safer for birds and wildlife and more environmentally friendly.
    • They are packed with calories making them an energy treat that your birds will love.
  4. Premium Whole Sunflower Hearts - Bird Food
    • Our premium hearts are the plumpest, most complete hearts with all the husks removed.
    • Sunflower Hearts are a versatile food which can be fed from a traditional tube feeder, seed hopper, feeding table or from the ground.
    • This food is available in a number of pack sizes - look out for the best value bulk buys!

    from €13.95

  5. Hi-Energy No Mess
    • This has been our bestselling and most popular food since 1999.
    • All ingredients have been de-husked, so there will be no-mess and no weeds.
    • Our unique recipe will appeal to the vast majority of garden bird species all year round!

    from €6.95

  6. Premium Whole Peanuts - Bird Food
    • Peanuts are a traditional bird food and, being high in essential oil, popular with a wide variety of species.
    • We ensure our peanuts are of the highest quality available on the market.
    • This food is available in a number of pack sizes.

    from €5.95

    • 35 years experience in biodiversity
    • Supporting Wildlife Partners across Ireland and Europe
    • Ireland's Leading Wildlife Care Specialists
  7. Peanut Cake Tube with Mealworms (500ml)
    €5.95 As low as €4.95
  8. Peanut Cake Square with Mealworms
    • Our Peanut Cakes are one of the highest calorie foods that we produce and are a phenomenal success with garden birds.
    • Formulated from animal and vegetable fats and bound with peanut flour they have proved irresistible to a wide range of species.
    • The cakes are popular with tits, finches, woodpeckers, Nuthatches, Treecreepers, Goldcrests and Robins.
    €3.25 As low as €2.75
  9. Fat Balls - Original
    €2.75 As low as €2.35
  10. Suet Pellets with Insects
    • Suet pellets are packed with high energy ingredients to provide your garden birds with a vital energy boost.
    • These can be fed from peanut or suet feeders, or can simply be placed on the ground or on a table.
    • This food is available in a number of pack sizes.

    from €7.95

These are the top 10 types of bird food you can buy to feed wild birds. They have the highest ratings and all of them give birds the calories, protein and nutrients they require.


What are the best bird foods?

This depends on your location and the time of year but providing a range of bird foods is always the best way to feed the birds. Fat balls and suet-based products are brilliant for providing the fat that birds need to get through the winter, whereas seed mixes provide an incredible calorie boost all year round. Mealworms are a favourite during fledgling season and peanut butter is brilliant in the colder months.


What is the top bird food?

Hi-Energy No Mess seed mix is our most popular bird food. It has been our bestseller since it was launched in 1999 and it was the clear winner when we tested it against competitor bird seeds. All of our bird food was designed by experts and has stood the test of time, helping to raise bird populations.


Who sells the best bird food?

All our bird food was designed carefully by leading ornithologists and bird feeding specialists. We only use the highest quality ingredients, and the birds will benefit far more from our food due to this.