Leto Smart Feeder - Black

Leto Smart Feeder - Black
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€29.96 €39.95
  • This is a bestselling feeder
  • Squirrel and big bird proof design
  • Large capacity that holds 1kg bird seed
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This extra large bird seed feeder has been designed to be large-bird proof

This bird seed feeder is perfect for smaller birds as it restricts squirrels and larger birds (those over 70g) from having access to the bird food. The bird feeder opening closes automatically therefore giving smaller birds the chance to get a good meal, sometimes larger birds can scare smaller ones and prevent them from feeding properly. If you’d like to see more smaller birds in your garden without a cage, then this feeder is perfect for you!

The Leto feeder is made of durable materials which ensures they will be around for a long time for you to enjoy. It also holds a large amount of food, so it doesn’t require daily refilling.

Provides protection from: Adult doves, magpies crows, jays, woodpigeons, jackdaws and squirrels


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