About Us

About Us

We're Europe's Leading Wildlife Specialists.

We are Vivara and we're rooted in nature.

As Europe's leading wildlife specialists, we provide solutions to help people take care of garden wildlife, whilst empowering as many people as possible to take more action for the wildife on their doostep.

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Quality Bird Food

Vivara has been instrumental in the growth of the bird food market. Thanks to extensive research and a food development programme by our ornithologists, the range of wild bird food available has significantly increased over the years. Over 80 common species of wild birds are now being fed in gardens compared to just 18 when we started our research in 1987.

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Product Innovation

We strive for innovation, quality and style in our products to cater for all garden wildlife needs.

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Beyond our back gardens

We work with nature organisations all over Europe, supporting their efforts to conserve wildlife and rescue species that are on the brink of extinction. A proportion of our profits goes towards financially backing these conservation efforts, made by possible by you.

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We're across Europe

As well as supplying the Irish market, we now operate in 9 other European countries and are proud to be the market leaders in the research, design and development of wild bird and wildlife food, and accompanying feeding products. Our dedicated team are passionate about maintaining our high standards of customer service (as well as caring for wildlife), so we can ensure that you get the very best products and advice.


A team of passionate experts

Our dedicated staff all share a passion for wildlife. We have a valued customer service team who help with all wildlife enquiries as well as a number of bird enthusiasts (that on occasion have been known to cover the length of the country for a rare sighting!) and product specialists. We are committed to helping native birds and wildlife and are always on hand to offer practical advice to our customers.

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Prioneer's for a number of reasons...

  • Safer Bird Food
    We were the first to sell peanuts with nil-detectable aflatoxin. This ensured that peanuts were safe for birds which previously had been at risk from the toxins produced by this killer mold.
  • First 'No-Mess' Bird Food
    <p>We were the first to introduce <a href=
  • Wildlife Food Mixes
    We've also used our wildlife expertise to develop specialist wildlife food mixes.
  • Red Mason Bee Research
    We led the field in researching the beneficial impact of Red Mason Bees on the pollination of fruit crops and plants.