Window Feeders

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  1. Discovery Plastic Window Seed Feeder
    €12.95 As low as €5.49
  2. SingingFriend Window Feeder Anna - 100% Recycled
    €5.95 As low as €5.45
  3. Michigan Window Feeding House
  4. The Rhodes Window Feeder
  5. Window "BirdSwing"
  6. BirdSwing Vide XL Bird Table
    • 30 years experience in biodiversity
    • Supporting Wildlife Partners across Ireland and Europe
    • Ireland's Leading Wildlife Care Specialists
  7. Crete Window Bird Feeder
    €9.95 €14.95
  8. Birdswing Restaurant

Window feeders are a great way to observe your garden birds up close. Choose from a Window Seed Feeder or a Bird Table that can stick to the window, depending on the type of bird you want to attract. Window feeders are also a good way to introduce Children to bird feeding. A close encounter in the early years can stimulate an interest in the natural world and the window creates a safe divide between excited children and nervous birds.