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Treat your loved ones to something special this Christmas

Keep the birds warm this winter!

Keep the birds warm this winter!

Our hi-energy food has all the calories and fat that birds need to keep warm this winter.

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Black Sunflower Seeds - Bird Food

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Top Picks: Winter Feeders

Ireland's biggest bird feeder

Ireland's biggest bird feeders - the perfect Christmas gift!

It will take up a lot of wrapping paper, but imagine it in their garden!

Gift A Giant Bird Feeder
Which side of a Robin has the most feathers?  
Which side of a Robin has the most feathers?  
(the outside)


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Recommended Food and Feeders

Want to give a Robin a daily mealworm treat? Or see a Goldfinch visit your garden every day for their buffet of nyjer seed?  With Vivara you can be assured that you're serving up only the highest quality foods for your birds. And to make it easier we've paired our top selling foods with beautiful feeders. Make your garden the go to venue for local wildlife this summer time!

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This season’s handbook is packed with helpful tips and advice, alongside our exciting new range of garden bird and wildlife care products designed to help you to attract more wildlife to your garden!