Projects & Partners

Our in-house naturalists have many years experience designing and developing our high quality products for wildlife and guiding customers to create the perfect haven for their visitors. In addition to this expertise we often bring in specialist help particularly when developing foods or feeders for a specific species. Over the years this has brought us into contact with many like-minded organisations and we have worked hard to ensure our activities benefit both organisations.

Some ways in which we work with organisations include:

  • Project sponsorships
  • Research projects and product trials
  • Licencing agreements
  • Affiliate schemes
  • Plus many moreā€¦

You can read more about organisations we admire and support here::

If you represent a nature or wildlife organisation (however big or small) and you would like to explore the ways in which we could work together for mutual benefit then please contact:

If you wish to know more about us may we suggest:

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