environmentally friendly bird feeders

environmentally friendly bird feeders

Recycled Plastic Feeders

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  1. Monviso Recycled Peanut Cake Square Bird Feeder
  2. Rio Peanut Butter Jar Bird Feeder
    • A modern, natural green coloured feeder.
    • The body of the feeder is made from 100% recycled materials.
  3. Adamello Recycled Ground Bird Feeding Table
  4. Levanne Recycled Ground Bird Feeding Table
  5. Matterhorn Recycled Bird Seed Feeder
  6. Mont Blanc Recycled Multi Bird Feeder
    • 35 years experience in biodiversity
    • Supporting Wildlife Partners across Ireland and Europe
    • Ireland's Leading Wildlife Care Specialists
  7. Miletto Recycled Peanut & Suet Bird Feeder
    €28.95 €34.95
  8. Cristallo Recycled Seed Bird Feeder
  9. Grivola Recycled Peanut Butter Bird Feeder
  10. SingingFriend Window Feeder Anna - 100% Recycled
    €5.95 As low as €5.45
  11. Fat Square Feeder Anna - 100% Recycled
    €5.95 As low as €5.45
  12. Fat Holder Sam Bird Feeder - 100% Recycled

Recycled bird feeders

Our recycled bird feeders are an environmentally friendly way to take part in bird feeding, in a sustainable and eco way. Bird feeding using our eco bird feeders ensures we are caring for our wildlife and for our planet – amazing!

Shop a wide selection of sustainable feeders for all bird foods, gardens and bird species.

Can I buy recycled bird feeders?

Recycled bird feeders are an eco-alternative to traditional bird feeders, they are made from recycled materials such as plastic bottles. This allows old single use plastic to gain a new purpose and a new lease of life, which not only helps our planet, but also our birds!

Recycled bird feeders are vastly becoming the go-to bird feeder, with us being more environmentally aware, we are constantly making planet-friendly decisions and bird feeding is included in this. CJ Wildlife stock a wide collection of eco bird feeders, an environmentally friendly and sustainable bird feeder alternative.

What are recycled feeders made from?

Our eco recycled feeders are made from 100% recycled materials, typically old plastic drinks bottles or HDPE plastic which gives our recycled wood effect feeders their wood-like attributes.