What time do birds start to sing?

Have you often wondered who is singing outside your window when you wake up, and how long they have been at it? Birds use sunrise and the increasing daylight as an indication of when it is time to sing, and in perfect harmony they begin in a certain order. Starting with usually a single bird species closely followed by others when their time is right; and like a beautifully conducted orchestra you should be able to enjoy this bird concert every morning in the same order. Birds start well before sunrise and the earliest is the Robin so you will have to be prepared to listen out quite early to hear him performing solo.

Birds sing mainly in the breeding season, so you will hear males trying to impress females in order to build nests in the first half of the year with peak singing activity between April and June.

Click on each bird individually in the chart below to hear their song and you can also see an indication of when they start to sing in the morning - it's not called the Dawn Chorus for nothing!

If you would like more information on each of these birds, see below for the fact file. You can also set up your garden to attract a variety of birds with our great range of bird feeders and bird foods.  In our range of getting started guides, you will also be able to see 'who eats what and when', to entice your favourite songster to your garden.