WoodStone® Malaga 32mm Nest Box (Green)

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WoodStone® Malaga 32mm Nest Box (Green)
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The material, a combination of concrete and FSC®-certified wood fibres, helps to provide a consistent temperature inside the nest box, giving fledglings the best chance of survival. 

Sadly, there is a shortage of natural nesting sites, which is thought to be contributing to the decline of our once most common birds. By putting up a nest box in your garden, you can encourage birds to breed near your home.

With a 32mm hole size, the Malaga is most likely to be used by Great Tits, House Sparrows, Pied Flycatchers, Redstarts and Crested Tits. It is important to hang your nest box at least 1.5 metres from the ground, out of direct sunlight and prevailing wind. This nest box is easy to hang in a variety of gardens and outdoor spaces with the strong metal ring provided. 

To clean your Malaga nest box, uncross the metal hooks to separate the metal hanging ring from the box, and carefully lift off the upper section of the box. To reassemble the nest box, thread the small metal loop (connected to the lower section) back through the hole in the upper section of the nest box. Reattach the metal hanging ring by crossing over the hooks again to secure it.

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