Metal Peanut Cake Feeder

Metal Peanut Cake Feeder
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  • Designed to hold either a 500ml or 1 litre cake tube.
  • Suitable for a large variety of birds thanks to the cage
  • Easy to hang from a pole system or branch
Back by popular demand!
This product is loved by a wide variety of garden birds and is a great way to offer peanut cake tubes in your garden.

This lovely feeder is designed to hold both the 500ml and 1 Litre Peanut Cake Tubes for your garden birds. It includes a chain for easy hanging, and the outer cage allows a variety of birds to feast.

Our Peanut Cakes are one of the highest calorie foods that we produce and are a phenomenal success with garden birds. Formulated from animal and vegetable fats and bound with peanut flour they have proved irresistible to a wide range of species.


"This is so easy to use. It hangs from a hook on the feeder pole and I drop the feeder cake in. The birds perch on the edge to eat the cake. It looks smart with the green finish." - 10/10.

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