Brussels Fat Ball Bird Feeder Guardian Pack

Brussels Fat Ball Bird Feeder Guardian Pack
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The Brussels Fat Ball Feeder Guardian Pack consists of a fat ball holder – that can hold 4 fat balls – and a protective guardian cage. As this feeder is designed in contemporary black powder-coated metal, it will complement any colour scheme within the garden.

The protective guardian cage ensures that smaller birds can gain access to food without being driven away by larger and sometimes aggressive birds and it also restricts access by squirrels.
If you wish to feed larger birds, then why not try a separate feeding station in an alternative location where you can place another of our feeders without a protective guardian cage.

The protective cage and the integral fat ball holder are are easy to disassemble, without the need for tools. Simply unscrew the lid and remove the central fat ball holder for instant easy cleaning with our Vivara cleaning brushes.


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