Organic Premium Bird Seed Mix 2.5kg

Organic Premium Bird Seed Mix 2.5kg
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This mix of ingredients only contains seeds that are 100% organically grown using no chemical fertilizers or pesticides. This blend of high quality ingredients can be fed from tube feeders, feeding houses, bird tables or scattered on the ground making it a versatile mix that will be enjoyed by a wide variety of garden bird species and is ideal for taking to the local duck pond instead of bread.

This is an ideal multi-purpose food for all year round feeding. The energy-rich ingredients provide your garden birds with the calories and fat they need to survive, and thrive, all year round.

It is a misconception that birds only need to be fed supplementary foods in the summer. Finding and building nests, laying eggs and raising young from the spring into late summer requires a lot of energy at a time when competition for natural food is at its highest due to the population boom that follows a successful breeding season.

Having a reliable source of high quality, protein-rich supplementary food that parent birds can rely on will help them successfully raise their young and reduce competition for natural food which is vital to chicks and fledglings.

Calories (per 100g)
Organic Black Sunflower Seeds, Organic Kibbled Maize, Organic Naked Rolled Oats, Organic Pinhead Oatmeal, Organic Yellow Millet and Organic Vegetable Oil
Suitable Feeding Methods
Tube Feeders, Feeder Houses, Bird Tables, Ground Feeding
No Mess
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