Starling Nest Box with Balcony

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Starling Nest Box with Balcony
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We're helping give half a million birds a home this autumn winter to shelter them from the cold. Can you help?

There is a shortage of natural nesting sites, which is thought to be one of the major factors behind the decline of some of our once most-common birds. By putting up nest boxes, such as this, which replicates a bird's natural nesting preferences, you can encourage them to breed near your home.

The special feature of this Starling nest box is the extended front or “balcony” that keeps predators well away from the nest contents. An additional benefit of this design is that the young starlings, from around 10 days old, will flutter up and squirt their droppings through the entrance hole to the nest box instead of fouling the main nest site. 

The Starling nest box is made of pine, has a 45mm entrance hole and is 33.5cm high, 25cm wide and 32cm deep, an ideal volume for Starlings. The nest box is easy to hang (at least 2 metres high but preferably higher) and has an inspection hatch to make cleaning easy.

Nest Box Hole Size
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