Vierno Nester

Vierno Nester
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With the elegant Vierno Nester, you can provide valuable nesting materials for your garden birds.

Birds work hard to find suitable nesting materials to make warm, safe nests for their young. This beautiful ceramic nesting wool holder is a convenient way of providing materials such as our Organic Nesting Wool or other suitable material, such as hair from grooming pets.

Sadly, there is a shortage of natural nesting sites, which is thought to be one of the major factors behind the decline of some of our once most-common birds. By offering suitable nesting materials, and putting up a nest box, you can encourage birds to breed near your home and give them a helping hand.

The Vierno Nester comes with a strong metal hanging loop, so it can easily be added to branches or hooks/brackets.

Please note, due to the method of producing the unique ceramic products in our Vierno range, the colour may vary slightly, and the material is not frost resistant.

Nesting wool can be purchased separately.


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