About Our Feeders

Which bird feeder should I buy?

Which bird feeder should I buy?

What type of feeder should I buy?

Adventurer Feeder

Our comprehensive range of feeders is attractive, reasonably priced and designed by ornithologists to meet the needs of birds – and people. For example, if you want to attract Robins, why not try a mealworm feeder? If you want to feed ground feeding birds like Blackbirds, Dunnocks and Wrens, a Ground Table will help and also keeps your garden tidy. And if it’s a splash of colour you are looking for, see our Fiesta range. All are suitable for any garden, though our trials have shown that birds prefer a greater number of ports on hanging feeders – perhaps because this means more birds are on the look out for Sparrowhawks and other predators. Larger feeders require less refilling too; great for those with a busy lifestyle. However for the urban garden with restricted space, why not try a window feeder or small hanging feeder.

Squirrel Defence

Many people find the occasional squirrel feasting from their feeders and don't mind their antics as long as the feeders are not destroyed. However, squirrels can be destructive and will do practically anything to reach the foods intended for wild birds.

We have two types of squirrel resistant feeders, those with the maximum protection against Squirrels will have a red squirrel logo, and those which are resistant to damage but still allow Squirrels to feed will have a green logo.

  • Red Squirrel Icon Restricts access and minimises damage
  • Green Squirrel Icon Minimises damage whilst allowing squirrels to feed

Where products have no logo, they offer no protection against squirrels.

An alternative option for keeping Squirrels off your bird feeders is to offer them a food source of their own. Go to our wildlife section to see food and feeders for squirrels.

Where should I put my feeder?

Guardian with 2 port Seed Feeder

Garden birds are very vulnerable to attack when feeding and feel safer if they can quickly escape into protective cover should predators be nearby. So the closer to thick shrubs, hedges or trees you site your feeder, the more likely they are to use it. If you have cats in the neighbourhood however, avoid low-lying cover below the feeder where ground feeding birds may well forage on spilt seed, to reduce the chances of an ambush.

Why aren't the birds using my new feeder?

It may simply be because it’s new and unfamiliar. Make sure it is sited in a ‘safe zone’ – see the tips above – and wait two or three weeks until the birds accept it. You will have more success with new feeders if you put them out between November and March when food is generally scarcer and it may also help to leave old feeders in place until the birds are used to the new one.

How do I keep squirrels and larger birds off feeders?

Fitting a Feeder Guardian should keep most squirrels and large birds, such as pigeons and crows, off your feeders. Virtually nothing is 100% squirrel proof, but our Guardians will certainly help deter them.

Vivara Feeder Benefits

Vivara Feeders
  1. Easy to Dismantle
    Hygiene is very important. Therefore, our feeders are designed so that they can be completely disassembled for thorough cleaning.
  2. Feeding Ports
    Designed so that the birds have maximum access to the food.
  3. Easy-Flow Base
    The sloping base ensures that the food is accessible to birds in damp conditions when the feeder is almost empty.
  4. Drainage
    The small holes in the bottom ensures that the water drains away and keeps food fresher for longer.
  5. Stainless Steel Hanger
    High quality and long-lasting
  6. The Cap
    Overhangs the feeder for excellent weather resistance. Close fitting, sliding cap makes it hard for squirrels to open.
  7. Accessories
    There are several accessories available for your feeder. These can be easily confirmed by means of the screw system in the base of each feeder.
  8. Perching Ring
    Patented perching ring - designed to the optimum perch/aperture dimensions for birds to feed comfortably and safely in their natural position, facing forward.
  9. Pole
    Feeders can be hung or mounted on a pole.


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